More Thoughts On Spelling

More Thoughts On Spelling

The other day my 9 year found small cards clipped together on the floor.  He asked me what they were as I picked them up off the floor. I explained that they belong with a spelling program.  Then I asked if he thought he would like to use it?
He laughed and said “I already. know how to spell. Why would I need that.”
He’s a dream come true.

T.V. Spurs Inquisitive Behavior

T.V. Spurs Inquisitive Behavior

What?! T.V. is not good.  It’s bad.  How many of you, besides myself, try desperately to keep the kids off the screens?  I try to no avail but they manage to watch it, read it or play on some kind of screen. But then my kids tell me things that make me believe that T.V.  is not always the evil villain that I think it is.  Like the other day.

I was in the car driving somewhere with my 9 year old son.  I can’t recall how we got on the topic but he asks me “Do you know how cows are branded?” I’m thinking that he must have read something from Farmer Boy.  Ah ha! My methods are working!  He proceeds to explain to me how branding is done (Science).  I ask “How did you find that out?”  He tells me he looked it up on YouTube (research skills).  Then he shares with me that he was watching Malcom in the Middle and that’s what made him curious about cow branding.  Hmmmm. . . 


So maybe reading Farmer Boy and then watching Malcom in the Middle help to create this inquisitive behavior.  I guess this could be called Share and Tell?


Homeschool to College Journey

Homeschool to College Journey

Last night my 16 year old son and I were watching a junior college orientation online about a program here in Washington state called Running Start. This program is for juniors and seniors.  These students can receive free tuition for college classes and the classes give the student college and high school credits.  Sounds like a great idea right.  Well, my highly intelligent son, told me he had a concern.  What?

He told me that some universities do not accept all of the credit you may have earned that you want transferred.  Hmmm, how can my son know more then me.  Shoot, I only graduated about 20 years ago.  I head to the internet and start searching.  Granted I only looked at NYU and UCLA but here’s what I found.  NYU will only take 12 credits from another college and UCLA will take 70 units i.e. credits.  This is important information. 

college for flying homeschoolers

Being that I am the high school counselor I better do some more research.  The first thing that we had been planning on doing for a while is contact the colleges that offer his major.  We did this when he was a freshman but that is a different post.  Needless to say he has changed his mind about what he wants to do. The other thing I am wondering about is if he gets an A.A. and then applies to a college how do they work with that.  You would think that it would be easy but nothing ever seems to be simple. Let’s pray it’s is cut and dry.

Follow me to keep posted about this homeschool to college journey.

New Year Resolutions for a Better Home Life (School)

New Year Resolutions for a Better Home Life (School)



1. Pray more

Every day I will make an effort to pray with my children before we move into a busy day.

2. Smile more

That means that when things are not going the way I believe they should go instead of putting on a grumpy face, yes a grumpy face, I am going to put on a smile.  I am already seeing the results from this ( :

My oldest son says that I should really only commit to one resolution and I should see greater success.  I agree.  Besides my first resolution has been one of the hardest ones for me to keep since I started working full time.

Resolutions here I come!

Happy New Year!


Hand Crafted Wooden Toys

Hand Crafted Wooden Toys

Life Cycle of a Frog Wooden Educational toy

There is something to be said about toys that are crafted by hand.  They feel different, they have a great smell, and you know a little love was put into each one.  This morning I ran across Little Woodlanders. 

There is a great variety of wooden toys, from teethers (for baby), villages (my favorite), the Life Cycle of a Frog (another favorite) and her prices are affordable.  Right now you can enter to win her Life of Cycle of a Frog toy.  And if you choose you can receive 15% off your purchase.

All you need to do is visit Chocolate Eyes for full details on how you can enter to win.

Learning About the Days of the Week

Learning About the Days of the Week

What a fun week!  This month we are learning about Time.  This includes the months, the days of the week, hours and of course, seasons.  What is unique to the Waldorf approach is the way that these math topics are unfolded.

Our morning includes the reciting and memorizing a Mother Goose rhyme, Days of the Week:

Monday’s child is fair of face,

Tuesday’s child is full of grace;

Wednesday’s child is ever so sweet,

Thursday’s child is tidy and neat;

Friday’s child is prone to giggle,

Saturday’s child is easy to tickle;

But the child that is born on restful Sunday

Is happy, and cheerful, and loves to play.

On Monday we discovered that the color that represents this day is purple or violet and that  Monday’s name was  Moon Day.  It is also the day that you would eat the grain, rice. I added Spanish rice to our dinner menu.

There are several activities that we did to incorporate other academic areas.  He started to copy the verses of the poem and then created a picture, using crayon, that he imagined about the what he had written.  For math we examined the number seven and the ways we can create seven.

Today being Tuesday I wore red because that is Tuesday’s color. And oatmeal or barley for the grain.  I made oatmeal – carrot muffins using the recipe from The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book.  I couldn’t help but add chocolate chips to the batter though.  My little boy that turns up his nose at vegetables ate them and most likely because of the chocolate chips.