Not a Math Person? Use This Program

Not a Math Person? Use This Program


I want to share with you what parents have used to teach math. This program has been around for at least 12 years. It is computer based and not dependent on an internet connection. My favorite part, it doesn’t require that I have a math degree. It is Teaching Textbooks.

Have you heard of it? When I first was introduced to Teaching Textbooks it was at a small homeschool convention in Juneau, Alaska. I fell in love with the most important part of the program, the animated graphics. No, no that is not the most important part of Teaching Textbooks, I’m kidding but they graphics are engaging. The most important part was the program was not dependent on me, the parent for teaching. This doesn’t mean the parent does not participate, it means that you don’t have to be proficient in, let’s say, Geometry. The program is the teacher. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Students can learn completely on their own!
  • There are step-by-step explanations. This part of TT was extremely helpful for my family.
  • It keeps a grade book for your student. (Yay, no grading!)
  • It incorporates real life problems into the program.
  • Again, I love the graphics.

Teaching Textbooks became one of our favorite programs in our homeschool group. There are others that are worth mentioning. such as Right Start Math and Math U See. These two programs work better when you start using them in the early grades.

Math U See uses videos and manipulative’s. This program is great to use within a family because it is easy to use in most homeschool approaches and the manipulative’s can be used again and again.

Right Start Math was wonderful for the short time we used the program. I’m not really sure why we stepped away from this program now. I used Level A which was when one of my sons was young. The games, the music, wow, it touched on all the learning styles in a fun way.

A great place to get detailed reviews is here at BUT overall the homeschool families I surveyed choose Teaching Textbooks.

Overall, Teaching Textbooks worked best especially for this homeschool teacher who is not a Math Person.  You don’t need to have a degree to homeschool with programs like these that are available to us.

FYI ~ Studies show that homeschooled students outperform public school students on standardized tests.

“What was I worried about?”

Are You Qualified To Homeschool?

Are You Qualified To Homeschool?


My kids working on a home school project.

Children that are homeschooled achieve higher test scores by 15 to 30% then their public school friends.  This includes homeschooled children with parents without a formal education and families that come from a variety of income ranges. *  

I think that is great news, right. Even after sharing the statistics with you, I know you are still not sure how you can homeschool your kids.  This thought might be plaguing you:


 “I don’t know enough fill in the blank

to homeschool my kids.”


“Don’t I have to have a degree or be certified to homeschool my kids?”  What would you say if I told you that anyone can homeschool their kids if they choose to? It’s true. Let’s take a look at the most popular statement (the one I have heard most often.)

“I don’t know enough MATH to homeschool my kids.”  Especially when it comes to higher level math such as Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. I can relate to that. As a teenager, I was sick often and missed much of my high school years.  Talk about gaps in your education.  My illness left a big gap in math! Along with unsupportive teachers but that is another story.  How can we teach subjects that we believe we don not have enough knowledge in?


  • Purchase self-teaching curriculum for your homeschool student.  

  • Join a co-op that offers the subject you feel weak in.

  • Have a friend teach the subject.

  • Educate yourself.

  • Take a class at the local public school.


If this seems simple that’s because it is simple.  As homeschoolers today we have publishers beating down our doors with solutions to this very concern.  Another resource is the internet. With careful planning and a little research you will be on your way!

If you are still feeling unsure be watching for my next posts.  I believe I can help you with that.


Share what creative solutions you have come up with when you feel that you are lacking the knowledge.



An Unschooling Week

An Unschooling Week


I have always been in the practice of asking my boys what there plans are for the day and yielding to the seasons.  Monday was not IMG_20160308_142209any different.  My youngest son, Oliver, had wanted to go to the state park to play on the swings and have a picnic lunch.

The conversation we had while driving was interesting as usual.  Oliver always shares random bits of trivia, not trivia, that’s the wrong word.  Little bits of knowledge that he has discovered wandering YouTube.  You would be surprised what is available but that is for another time.

While he played by the lake he found a plant.  He said it could be an alien pod and then proceeded to try and yank it from ground.    Yes, I stopped him.  We starred at for a minute and thought about what kind of plant it could be.  We still haven’t figured it out.


That same day we bought seeds and soil to plant them in.  He has been watching the seeds sprout and was able to transplant some of the sprouts this week.


The following day Oliver got sick with a cold and slept most of the day.  With his sleep came a story about how the flu virus was defeated.  He believed he had a flu.


He is finally feeling better and obsessed VHS tapes.  All in all last week went well.

What was your unschooling week like?

Creating a Joyful Day

Creating a Joyful Day

Experimenting with medium.
Experimenting with medium.

Every person is different, wouldn’t you agree.  With that, each child’s homeschool experience is different.  In our home, high school has been dedicated to focusing on the way he should go and building upon the areas that need firming up.  And today was a day of creation.

My son’s first project today was experimenting with letter’s in chalk.  I couldn’t tell you when or what inspired him to do this but in one moment he said he was cleaning his brothers old chalk board to discovering artful lettering.

The Floating Shelf
The Floating Shelf

Shortly after putting up the board he decided to finish the design project he began on Sunday.  To be fair this is not his idea but he did have to re-engineer the concept so that he could use what we had on hand.  What you see here is a shelf of video games that truly appears to be floating.

Wood Burning Experiment
Wood Burning Experiment

When we had a conversation about “things to do” this year I had mentioned wood carving.  We inventoried our supplies and I showed him the wood burner we had.  Remembering the wood burner that we had he set out to do another piece of art (so to speak).   He just keeps going.

If your like many of my friends you are probably wondering about his academic courses like History or Science. Those days happen. Just not today.  Today he is working on himself and nurturing his future.  I do believe he managed to squeeze in Algebra though.

Home School Spelling Surprise

Home School Spelling Surprise

boy at desk vintageToday my son gave me a surprise.  A home school surprise.  Your probably wondering what that could be.  It’s simple, he spelled December.  Your thinking “So what.”  What surprised me  is that  I don’t how he learned that word. We do not use any spelling curriculum.  None of my children have used any programs.  Yet they spell, they write, they just know how to spell.  I get these surprises all the time.  And it always amazes me.

Just to think of all the time we, as children in public school, spent on weekly spelling test.  All that time we could have been playing, pretending our creating a new universe.  I should tell you that he is 9 years old.  He also decided to write a story.  He is learning how to spell by writing his story too.  I must add that helping him spell words for his story is much more enjoyable then a spelling drill.  For the both us.

Christmas Spirit Without All the Glamour

Christmas Spirit Without All the Glamour

GiantChristmasTreeVintage-GraphicsFairy2I have not written in a long time because I am learning how to manage my full time job and homeschooling with out pulling out my hair. That brings me to the idea of creating a spiritual Christmas with out unpacking the seemingly endless boxes of decorations.  Lets face it, decorations make things fun and Christmasy.

I first pulled out my nativity set and made the star path for Mary to walk across each day of Advent.  That in itself was special.  A lit candle some Christmas music made the moment.  Hmmm.  I am not sure what else I can do. I am thinking about just pulling all our Christmas lights out and hanging them everywhere.  That’s my favorite part of decorating are the lights and how they twinkle.

Does anyone else have some ideas?

Multiple Directions

Multiple Directions

Local Washington FlowersDo you ever have those days when you feel like you are going in all directions?  I’m sure you do.  As a Homeschool Mom with only three children It seems like every moment can feel that way.

Because we are at home the expectations of our domestic abilities, coaching abilities, referee abilities, spiritual, instructing and our knowledge all of our abilities, are higher.  Or, does this apply to all woman?

There are sunny days like today when I wish I could wake up and six of me would appear.  There would be one for each member of the family that happened to be home at the time and then there would be me.

The Me would go take a long walk on of the our local trails.  I think I would have a imaginary dog that was well behaved and lounged when I wanted to sit and observe nature.  I think Me might call a girlfriend and tell her to send her kids to Grandma’s house and we’ll go get a massage or sit a the downtown coffee house and have a special Latte.

But, there is just me.  Not six.