StairsI am hoping that after reading my blog you will remove any frustrations, doubts, those feelings of not doing enough. You will be given the tools you need to enjoy life with your children. A No More Tears approach to teaching at home.

Our life of home education has lead us to a relaxed approach.  Although  I had studied and researched Unschooling I fell in love with the idea of a Classical education.  My sons however did not.  Then before I knew it I was pregnant with our last son and lived through a few hurricanes in Florida.  Did I say that we moved about three weeks after we had our baby and then went through two more hurricanes where we had to be evacuated.  We learned a lot about hurricanes.

Being apart of several homeschool groups across the U.S. and then working for a homeschool program I have learned more about all the many different methods of teaching.  I am also a big reader and have managed to fill my book shelves with many a How To Homeschool this way or that way.  So here I am brimming with the in’s and out’s with advice and tips on a peaceful and enjoyable way to home educate.


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