A Way to Make Friends, Maybe Not

A Way to Make Friends, Maybe Not

“You’ll find boredom where there

is the absence of a good idea.”

Earl Nightingale



I have three sons.  Each one is unique but that is not a surprise.  But my two oldest, just 18  months apart, have close similarities.  My youngest is the child that stands apart from his brothers.


He is the one that has never wanted to go to public school.  He is also an introvert.  Yet I have sent him to take a couple of classes at the middle school.  He chose home economics and science.  After just 10 days he is asking me to please keep him home and here is why:


In both classes he has done what most home schoolers call “busy work”

He wonders if they will ever cook.

He wonders when they will “do” science.

The boy that sits with him is disruptive and distracting.

The science teacher likes to move the kids around but now he is sitting in the back which he doesn’t like.

Recently the kids in science became overly excited, in his opinion, when his new friend was playing with a class turtle.  “Hasn’t anyone touched a turtle?” he wondered.

Oh yes,


The kids take forever to read out loud.  

These things bother him (smile).

He is bored.  I wonder why the teachers teach this way?  We have been a part of a public school program in Olympia, Washington named Olympia Regional Learning Academy where all three of my kids loved the teachers and the classes.  The student’s enjoyed activities as soon as they walked in the class room.  But I really just enrolled him at the middle school to meet people so I wonder if I should bring him home?  


What are your thoughts?  Post below 🙂