An Unschooling Week

An Unschooling Week


I have always been in the practice of asking my boys what there plans are for the day and yielding to the seasons.  Monday was not IMG_20160308_142209any different.  My youngest son, Oliver, had wanted to go to the state park to play on the swings and have a picnic lunch.

The conversation we had while driving was interesting as usual.  Oliver always shares random bits of trivia, not trivia, that’s the wrong word.  Little bits of knowledge that he has discovered wandering YouTube.  You would be surprised what is available but that is for another time.

While he played by the lake he found a plant.  He said it could be an alien pod and then proceeded to try and yank it from ground.    Yes, I stopped him.  We starred at for a minute and thought about what kind of plant it could be.  We still haven’t figured it out.


That same day we bought seeds and soil to plant them in.  He has been watching the seeds sprout and was able to transplant some of the sprouts this week.


The following day Oliver got sick with a cold and slept most of the day.  With his sleep came a story about how the flu virus was defeated.  He believed he had a flu.


He is finally feeling better and obsessed VHS tapes.  All in all last week went well.

What was your unschooling week like?

I Don’t Like Deschooling

I Don’t Like Deschooling

It has been a couple of weeks since we began an unschooling home school life and I don’t like it.  What makes things difficult is my 17 year old wants to have a traditional schooling program but doesn’t want to put in the work.  Not to mention that in the past he has chosen to follow his own interest and now he want’s to squeeze himself into a traditional educational mold.  A mold that he continually resists.

My 11 year old is very happy!  I should be too.  I am focusing on things I have interest in but the part that I don’t like is the curriculum that keeps staring at me.  It gives me these looks of disappointment.  The grammar books has sat in my hands and the urge to tell my son that we should finish the book.  Okay, so I DID mention that to him.  I couldn’t help it.  He said he would and I left it on the kitchen table.  He hasn’t touched it and I am trying to be good about it.

This reminds me when you are trying to stop a bad habit like eating sugar.  You take it out of the house and through it in the trash.  You don’t leave it lying around.  I guess that is what I’ll have to do.  Pack it up and put it away.

How do you handle this?