Breaking the “SCHOOL” Habit

Breaking the “SCHOOL” Habit

This is like breaking a bad habit.  This idea that I have to dictate what the kids are going to do.  And to think that for our entire homeschool career I had already been a Go With the Flow kind of mom. So this should be easy, right?

It is called de-schooling I believe.  A time where you pretend you are on vacation. We did this in this in December.  Just enjoyed the Christmas spirit.  I will keep this in mind while I am busy with stuff and wondering what is going on upstairs.  It is driving me nuts!

Deschooling.  “We are on vacation”


Our First REAL Unschooling Day

Our First REAL Unschooling Day

I have been wanting to jump into unschooling since my discovery of home education.  Now my oldest has moved away to go to college, his brother is preparing himself to leave the nest and my youngest will be the one.  The one who get’s the freedom.  

Today our morning started off like most of our days.  I had the news on and was researching about the Presidential Election.  My little one (11 years old) saw what I was watching and said “I’m voting for Trump.” This lead into us searching for information on the internet about what  Trumps plans were.  We talked about the debates, socialism, things we liked and didn’t like.  My son who is still at home looked up socialism and countries that are.

It wasn’t to long until my youngest announced that it was Chinese New Year and that he wanted to make Chinese Lanterns.  I asked him why the Chinese celebrate New Years today and he proceeded to explained it to me.  He also said he would make a Chinese dragon and we should have Chinese food for dinner. And by the way the dragon is entirely his design idea.

Noah, the oldest, told me that he might take an astronomy class because he really is interested.  He happened to watch an our long lecture on YouTube that made him start thinking about this again.  In the past I  mentioned astronomy classes because he was always talking about what he learned about it.

For being my first day of really letting them lead it went well.  I can’t wait to see how this week goes.  What was your unschooling day like?

P.S.  Noah just helped me with grammar!  AND he was right.