How to Get Back to Your Routine

How to Get Back to Your Routine

It has almost been a month since the holidays have ended yet I am still on Christmas vacation.  I actually had not planned on taking a prolonged time off from home school but that’s just the way it has been.  I am really feeling that we should get back to our routine.

Personally I prefer to take small steps and tackle the most vital first.

  1. Have a written plan of action for the day.  I can’t say enough about writing things down.  This is key for me.
  2. Get the kids up at a reasonable time, not noon.  This has also been hard for me because I have been enjoying the extra quiet time.
  3. Make sure everyone eats breakfast.  That might sound odd except when you have a family that likes to make a meal just as soon as you start anything.
  4. Take your time with subjects.  Instead of jumping into a full day of subjects we linger and take our time.  (I prefer this way of homeschooling)
Waldorf Grade 3 Forms 

For my family it takes a good week to get back into the rhythm of our days.  What are some ways you get back to your routine?