Don’t Let Feeling Disorganized Stop You

Don’t Let Feeling Disorganized Stop You

Don’t let feeling disorganized stop you from home schooling. I was recently at a home school unschool gathering and a sweet mom said she didn’t think she could home school.  When asked why she said it was because she was disorganized.  My goodness, me and many friends would have to have thrown in the towel a long time ago if that was a prerequisite.  But yet my children are brilliant despite of my organizational nature.
Here is what I suggest to all prospective home schoolers who have this concern.  Start with a program that lays it out for you.   There is a link to Easy Peasy that is all online and free at the end of the list.

My first recommendation is Calvert.  It is a rigorous program and supported primarily by textbooks. Here is a link to the 5th grade course outline :

To Calvert :

One of my favorites for a classical education is Veritas Press.  Here you can get a scripted lessons plans.  Here is a sample :

To Veritas :

The above two programs are challenging for some students but keep in mind that you do not have to go by grade level and you can always talk to an adviser for assistance.

Here is a program that is literature based and filled with hands on lessons.  It is Winters Promise.  We have used it and there was something for everyone.  My oldest used it for High School 9th grade without complaint.

To Winters Promise :

Another popular program is Sonlight.  Another literature based program but has it all planned out for you.   I have never used it but I have friends that swear by it.

To Sonlight :

A program I have used is Oakmeadow.  My oldest son did not like it at all.  I thought he would because he likes textbooks but he didn’t like this program.  While I didn’t receive step by step lessons (which I like) but each lesson in the book includeded most areas of study so we worked on one lesson then simple moved to the next.  You can view samples online.  This is a good program because like Winter Promise an artistic child has options and so do children like my son.

To Oakmeadow :

All these come at a cost but here is one that is free:   (this is Easy Peasy)

I have looked at this and I think it could be a good resource.  I tried to do the math for my 9th grader because he was not working in his math texts but it is not perfected yet.  It is computer based.



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