Homeschool to College: An A.A. Degree?

Homeschool to College: An A.A. Degree?

Recently I had lunch with a friend.  We started talking about my thoughts on getting an A.A. degree at a junior college to make transferring into a university easier.  Here is her story.

Her daughter attended public school and participated in the program here in Washington called Running Start.  This is where you can earn credit for high school and earn credit for college.

Her daughter was accepted at Concordia University in Irvine, California.  Keep in mind she is a resident of Washington state.  She has her A.A. in hand.  She actually goes down to the university and is getting the tour of her dorm room when it somehow comes up that she will need to take some additional credits because while she does have an A.A. degree not all off those credits are transferable. WHAT!

The daughter ends up attending University of Washington without a problem.  Her A.A. accepted.  Hmmm . . .

In state sounds like a better idea.  But get this, she earns a degree in communications and is now working as a caregiver because she can not find a job.  Wow.

There is a lot to think about today isn’t there.  This young lady is saddled with student loans and is working for a job that pays close to minimum wage.  Which in Washington, our county, is $9.30.

This video is a little different but I liked his point of view and he brings up some good points.  It’s a bit long but his thoughts may resonate with you.


Any other insights?