T.V. Spurs Inquisitive Behavior

T.V. Spurs Inquisitive Behavior

What?! T.V. is not good.  It’s bad.  How many of you, besides myself, try desperately to keep the kids off the screens?  I try to no avail but they manage to watch it, read it or play on some kind of screen. But then my kids tell me things that make me believe that T.V.  is not always the evil villain that I think it is.  Like the other day.

I was in the car driving somewhere with my 9 year old son.  I can’t recall how we got on the topic but he asks me “Do you know how cows are branded?” I’m thinking that he must have read something from Farmer Boy.  Ah ha! My methods are working!  He proceeds to explain to me how branding is done (Science).  I ask “How did you find that out?”  He tells me he looked it up on YouTube (research skills).  Then he shares with me that he was watching Malcom in the Middle and that’s what made him curious about cow branding.  Hmmmm. . . 


So maybe reading Farmer Boy and then watching Malcom in the Middle help to create this inquisitive behavior.  I guess this could be called Share and Tell?



2 thoughts on “T.V. Spurs Inquisitive Behavior

  1. Love it when that happens! My boys are spending their lunch break watching House Hunters International. I am hoping that they are learning geography and culture! They also love Cut Throat Kitchen. That is wonderful that your son was curious enough to look up branding! Independent learner! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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