Homeschool to College Journey

Homeschool to College Journey

Last night my 16 year old son and I were watching a junior college orientation online about a program here in Washington state called Running Start. This program is for juniors and seniors.  These students can receive free tuition for college classes and the classes give the student college and high school credits.  Sounds like a great idea right.  Well, my highly intelligent son, told me he had a concern.  What?

He told me that some universities do not accept all of the credit you may have earned that you want transferred.  Hmmm, how can my son know more then me.  Shoot, I only graduated about 20 years ago.  I head to the internet and start searching.  Granted I only looked at NYU and UCLA but here’s what I found.  NYU will only take 12 credits from another college and UCLA will take 70 units i.e. credits.  This is important information. 

college for flying homeschoolers

Being that I am the high school counselor I better do some more research.  The first thing that we had been planning on doing for a while is contact the colleges that offer his major.  We did this when he was a freshman but that is a different post.  Needless to say he has changed his mind about what he wants to do. The other thing I am wondering about is if he gets an A.A. and then applies to a college how do they work with that.  You would think that it would be easy but nothing ever seems to be simple. Let’s pray it’s is cut and dry.

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3 thoughts on “Homeschool to College Journey

  1. I’m following! 🙂 I am starting to get very anxious and doing a LOT of research lately. My son is only in the 7th grade, but I don’t want ANY doors to be closed to him because of a decision I made, or information that I was not aware of!

    1. I plan on adding more. I have several friends that have either graduated their children or are grown up college graduated home schoolers now on their own journey with little people. Anyways, I am picking their brains.

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