Homeschool to College: The Preparing Stage

Homeschool to College: The Preparing Stage

In my recent post about transferring credits from junior college to university  it sounded like we had not prepared for these years.  We had and well, life just became a 50 foot wave that we just had to ride.  I didn’t think it would be fair if I didn’t share some of our first steps.  To be honest I didn’t get these ideas on my own. I have a great book written by Cafi Cohen titled  “And What About College”.

When my son was 13 years old we talked about colleges and universities that he was interested in.  At that time he had desired a future in entertainment.  We made a list of those schools and started to look at the requirements.

One school that is of particular interest had this information for freshman admissions:

USC considers applications from home-schooled students. To better understand a student’s preparation, we require two extra items in addition to the general requirements found in the Common App and USC Supplement. Home-schooled students must submit: 1) results from three SAT Subject tests, including one in mathematics; and 2) a dossier outlining the home school program. The dossier should include detailed syllabi of all courses, names of textbooks, names and applicable credentials of instructors, details of any assistance you are receiving or curriculum you are following through any public or private agency, and any additional information that may be helpful.

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This is excellent information to know!  “Keep good records” that’s what that is saying to me.  There are some great resources to help keep your records but a simple notebook with dividers has been  the easiest for me.

We also saw that some of the universities we were looking at  wanted college prep courses such as Speed Reading, SAT prep and any AP classes.   Even if you don’t think your son or daughter is looking at going to college I would at least take look at what is going on out there and defiantly keep records.  You know how it is, one day they don’t want to eat peas and when their grandma makes peas they love them and wonder why you never make them.



Homeschool to College Journey

Homeschool to College Journey

Last night my 16 year old son and I were watching a junior college orientation online about a program here in Washington state called Running Start. This program is for juniors and seniors.  These students can receive free tuition for college classes and the classes give the student college and high school credits.  Sounds like a great idea right.  Well, my highly intelligent son, told me he had a concern.  What?

He told me that some universities do not accept all of the credit you may have earned that you want transferred.  Hmmm, how can my son know more then me.  Shoot, I only graduated about 20 years ago.  I head to the internet and start searching.  Granted I only looked at NYU and UCLA but here’s what I found.  NYU will only take 12 credits from another college and UCLA will take 70 units i.e. credits.  This is important information. 

college for flying homeschoolers

Being that I am the high school counselor I better do some more research.  The first thing that we had been planning on doing for a while is contact the colleges that offer his major.  We did this when he was a freshman but that is a different post.  Needless to say he has changed his mind about what he wants to do. The other thing I am wondering about is if he gets an A.A. and then applies to a college how do they work with that.  You would think that it would be easy but nothing ever seems to be simple. Let’s pray it’s is cut and dry.

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New Year Resolutions for a Better Home Life (School)

New Year Resolutions for a Better Home Life (School)



1. Pray more

Every day I will make an effort to pray with my children before we move into a busy day.

2. Smile more

That means that when things are not going the way I believe they should go instead of putting on a grumpy face, yes a grumpy face, I am going to put on a smile.  I am already seeing the results from this ( :

My oldest son says that I should really only commit to one resolution and I should see greater success.  I agree.  Besides my first resolution has been one of the hardest ones for me to keep since I started working full time.

Resolutions here I come!

Happy New Year!