Home School Spelling Surprise

Home School Spelling Surprise

boy at desk vintageToday my son gave me a surprise.  A home school surprise.  Your probably wondering what that could be.  It’s simple, he spelled December.  Your thinking “So what.”  What surprised me  is that  I don’t how he learned that word. We do not use any spelling curriculum.  None of my children have used any programs.  Yet they spell, they write, they just know how to spell.  I get these surprises all the time.  And it always amazes me.

Just to think of all the time we, as children in public school, spent on weekly spelling test.  All that time we could have been playing, pretending our creating a new universe.  I should tell you that he is 9 years old.  He also decided to write a story.  He is learning how to spell by writing his story too.  I must add that helping him spell words for his story is much more enjoyable then a spelling drill.  For the both us.


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