It’s Not All Roses

It’s Not All Roses

“Homeschooling is not all roses”  but it really is. You just have to remember when you lean into smell the glorious scent and take in the beauty, that roses have thorns.

I just read a newsletter delivered from Living On A Dime and this was the first year she has homeschooled.  Right out the door she let’s us know that

“It’s not all the Rose’s that everyone say’s . . .” 

I wish I could have talked to her first. I would have gladly shared about those thorns.  At the same time everything else out ways those tiny pricks.

One of the beauty’s that she recognizes is home educators can work out issues immediately.

“This way, we can work on the issues we have right away instead of finding out about them months later . . .” 

This is just one of the reason’s my family home educates and it’s good to see others are also experiencing  this advantage.

Perhaps she will start writing articles on frugal ideas for homeschooling.
For lots of frugal living tips and ideas, check out .


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