“No More Tears” Math

“No More Tears” Math

StairsYou can have a tears free math program.  It’s simple. You just have to trust your child, get to know him and live math.

What ever math curriculum you are using this idea will work.  It doesn’t matter what your approach you use either.  It all has do with your relationship with your child and your relationship with math.  Because math is every where, right.

Let’s start with trusting your child.  I know, that’s hard to some extent isn’t it.  How can we trust them to know when they have had enough formal math for the day when we have to remind them to brush their teeth, right?  How do you know when you have enough of anything? Maybe you can’t think anymore.  Things are confusing or maybe you know what your doing and it’s boring.  You have to trust him by respecting him.  This isn’t a battle of conformity to your will.  The goal is to have an understanding of math.  To start, the next time he says he doesn’t want to do math today, surprise him and tell him okay (with a smile). There are many ways to go about this and maybe we’ll visit that another time but for now let’s start here with trusting him. This is going to bring me to the next point, getting to know your child.

You know your child but do you really know him.  When was the last time you asked him “What do you want to do?” and then you did what he wanted to do.  When was the last time you went on a walk together or played on a play ground together.  And I mean together playing on the play ground.  These are opportunities to getting to know him.  But you need to be mindful and present.  It needs to be all about him.  You are not spending time with him to lecture or teach.  Your spending time with him to get to know him.  Now you can live math.

Summer is the perfect time to relax and spend mindful time together.  Number one, you need to do math where he can see you and invite him to do it with you.  At our house we use the grocery store flyers to find sales and match a few coupons.  I have done this in front of all three of my boys and now my youngest understands division and percentages.  Of course the money portion is picked pretty quickly too. Games are great tools for math!  Everyone knows about Chess and how it can expand those thinking skills.  Build anything and with anything.  You can build anything with Duck Tape.   These are just some ideas.  Remember not to make a lesson out of it.  Don’t discount the computer.  My second oldest son has made some interesting pixel art.

Let’s put this all together.  The first and most important thing to do is build trust and respect between the two of you and we do this by getting to know him.  The second thing to do is to live math.  Now, here I am going to mention Waldorf education.  I believe that this style of educating really brings math to the table in a natural way.  However, it really doesn’t matter what style you choose to teach math.  When he says he just can’t think anymore or he’s tugging at his hair.  Trust that he’s done for now and come back to it another day.  As you are building this relationship you can talk about what he is feeling, where is he getting frustrated at.  You might need to find a different approach to teach that particular concept or move on until he seems ready for it.  It all come down to trust.


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