Multiple Directions

Multiple Directions

Local Washington FlowersDo you ever have those days when you feel like you are going in all directions?  I’m sure you do.  As a Homeschool Mom with only three children It seems like every moment can feel that way.

Because we are at home the expectations of our domestic abilities, coaching abilities, referee abilities, spiritual, instructing and our knowledge all of our abilities, are higher.  Or, does this apply to all woman?

There are sunny days like today when I wish I could wake up and six of me would appear.  There would be one for each member of the family that happened to be home at the time and then there would be me.

The Me would go take a long walk on of the our local trails.  I think I would have a imaginary dog that was well behaved and lounged when I wanted to sit and observe nature.  I think Me might call a girlfriend and tell her to send her kids to Grandma’s house and we’ll go get a massage or sit a the downtown coffee house and have a special Latte.

But, there is just me.  Not six.


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